Gruppo Due
(Bern, Karlsruhe, Tallinn, London)
Gruppo Due is a type design platform and foundry offering retail typefaces, alongside bespoke designs resulting from a close collaboration with our commissioners.
Gruppo Due was founded in 2019 by Moritz Appich, Massimiliano Audretsch, Jonas Grünwald and Bruno Jacoby – four friends that are also working together in the wider field of graphic and web design.
Most typefaces originally evolved from the context of our praxis as graphic designers. They were designed to suit a projects specific need. With Gruppo Due we aim to progressively finalise, rethink and release selected type designs and make them available for wider public use.
Bespoke Typefaces
If you are interested in a custom font, or looking for an extension or customisation of an existing G2 typeface, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the above mentioned contact information.
We have drawn custom typefaces for University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe (GER), Cafe Bar Mokka, Thun (CH), Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts (GER), Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun (GER/TUR) and others.
As part of a complete visual identity for → Atelier Lomann we drew G2 Lomann. It came out as a technical low-contrast monospace typeface, designed to function in small sizes for short informations on technical interfaces. We are now reverse-engineering it into a regular proportioned font and from there into a complete font family. The identity was developed in collaboration with → Jahn Koutrios.
G2 HfMdK: A bespoke typeface for the redesigned visual identity of Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt am Main. Realised in collaboration with Berlin based graphic design studio → s-t-a-t-e. This font has 2 normal cuts and 3 display cuts that can be used in a variety of combinations. The flexible identity represents the school‘s focus on rhythmic disciplines, such as Dance, Music and Drama.
G2 Gitmek was created for an experimental documentary by → Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun, to be used for subtitles and promotional material. We based the lettering on protest signs made from tape and then refined the typeface for better legibility and use in subtitles with wide open counters. (2019)
G2 Airdancer was drawn to fit the extravagant proportions of an air dancer, greeting new and returning students in the school's building. The thick letters have been designed with explicit vertical use in mind. We are currently working on expanding it into a proper font, including minor characters and a variable font file reaching from ultra-condensed to even more extended. (2018)
Saturday Type Fever, Karlsruhe (GER)
Weltformat, Luzerne (CH)
Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart (GER)
Paperjam – Digitizing Type, HfG Karlsruhe (GER)
9to5, HfG Karlsruhe (GER)
Know Your Tools, HfG Karlsruhe (GER)
Typography BA3, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (BEL)
Poster Biennale, Chaumont (FR)
Weltformat, Luzerne (CH)
Poster Biennale, Chaumont (FR)
Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren (GER)
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